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Why Product Photography is More Important than Ever in 2020

Sabah Shafi - 1 year ago

One year ago, if someone were to tell us that 2020 would be a year that would change the world forever: we may not have believed or imagined in what way. Yet here we are where norms, processes and policies have changed entirely; in a world where not one corner remains untouched by the impacts of Covid-19. Adapting in this time is crucial for businesses to maintain stability and remain strong and profitable. This piece explains the importance of product photography, and how more than ever before it impacts everything in business- as we see the shift to a significantly more widespread online shopping experience.


Standing Out Above the Noise

At Feedsauce, we understand that whether your product is new to market or already established, new imagery is the refresh that everybody likes to see. Imagery is the first opportunity of that communication between you, the brand; and your audience. With platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Amazon: we know that content needs to perform to help you stand out with your competitors. Strong, eye-catching imagery has the unique ability to stop people in their tracks and think about your product, or the message you are trying to portray. Further, if your imagery is spectacular enough, then it can go even further and have the ability to have family and friends talk about you; when conversation is more important than ever, in today’s climate. 


Content Now Performs Multiple Roles

With the advice being largely to stay at home, online viewing has become pivotal in today’s society. Feeling and understanding a product was something we perhaps never realised was such an integral part of our lives, until now. Businesses have been forced to innovate, to keep their audiences engaged despite times changing. Product photography has become central, more crucial than ever; where content is key not only for marketing purposes, but for communication purposes. To be able to communicate and create a dialogue with customers, content now succeeds the most where it is informative, where the role of the previously ‘in-person’ experience is now being filled with the ‘online experience.’ While we will not be in these times forever, online consumption will continue to be integral to people’s habits, with permanently changing values, attitudes and behavior.” As we make this shift towards the new age where content has become all the more significant. Feedsauce remains on call to shape your content, customised according to your requirements. 


How Feedsauce Offers a Solution

As our world changes to being shaped by convenience and quality, it only makes sense to have getting your content made ‘that easy’. We at Feedsauce want to be known as innovators, by creating a platform that allows you to order photos as you go along whenever you need it, with fast turnaround times we have ensured that it really is ‘that easy’. We allow brands to constantly keep up to date with latest trends and in touch with their audiences. Whether you have been: planning a new campaign for social media for months, want to experiment with a new content idea, or want to keep current with a contemporary trend, Feedsauce enables you to have your content with the touch of a few buttons. The rest – we handle for you. Content, at your fingertips.

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Why Product Photography is More Important than Ever in 2020
Why Product Photography is More Important than Ever in 2020 12 October 2020
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