Product Guidelines

Last updated: Jan 29, 2023

In order to ensure we provide the highest quality service possible, we have set product eligibility criteria that must be met for us to process your order. While we are incredibly grateful you chose Feedsauce for your product photography, please check that your product meets all of the criteria before shipping your product to us.

If your product arrives at our studio and does not meet the guidelines, we won’t be able to proceed with your shoot.

Product Sizing
The maximum size of a product must not exceed 30x30x30 cm The maximum weight is 10 kg
Restricted Products

We do not currently photograph clothing at this time. Our sets are designed to photograph smaller products. Accessories such as jewelry, bags and gloves are something we can accept, providing they meet the size guidelines.

Products which contain or are related to: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, adult images and pornography

This is in accordance to section 4.6 of our T&C’s. We may not accept products which display political or religious views and these will be returned to you in the event that we are not able to shoot them. Feedsauce reserves the discretionary right to reject your product should they deem them inappropriate for shooting.
Packaging & Transit
Please ensure your product is well packaged and padded to protect it during transit. If a product arrives damaged, we will let you know during the ‘check in’ process to arrange a replacement. In accordance with section 8.3 of our T&C’s, whilst we take utmost care of your product while shooting and it will be returned to you safely packaged, there may be some signs of use and wear just from the inevitable handling of the product while shooting.
Quality of Products
We recommend the products you send in to Feedsauce are in a brand new and unused condition. If they are not in this condition, this could affect the quality of the images and potentially stop them from being the absolute best they can be.
Should you need any specific props included with your product shots (such as to showcase a particular use or showcase particular product ingredients, please ensure you send these props alongside your product so that we receive everything together and the creative team can try to use the props you send alongside, if they work for the shot!
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