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How much does a product shoot cost?

With our new live shoot experience, it's free to start a product shoot and you don’t need to make a payment at all until you see the shots you love. We’re so confident you’ll be blown away, so we want you to see the magic first. If you like what you see, you can buy photos for £49 each and videos for £99 each.

Can I give creative direction for my shoot?

Yes, of course. We know how important this is and nobody knows your product better than you. You'll be able to add notes you’d like to your brief while booking your shoot and later, you’ll have a chance to pick up this conversation with your creator on your call so you can both bounce ideas off each other! 

Do Feedsauce edit my photos and videos?

With our live shoot experience, we upload all content in real-time, meaning you can see exactly what’s happening… as it happens! Then, as you add to cart and checkout, your creator will edit all your shots, ready for you to download within 24 hours. Whilst we don't superimpose, add things in or take things out (eg. product label), we look after all post-production edits that are required to make the shot look its absolute best. Leave all of that to us - when your images are downloaded they are literally ready to go.

Can I use Feedsauce from anywhere in the world?

Of course! We have shot for customers all around the globe and it is something we are pleased to continue offering. You can join your shoot live from wherever you are. Before that, all we need is your product shipped to us in London and then we can get started with the fun stuff. Just submit your brief, send us your products and once we receive them, you can book your shoot.

When will I get my products back?

You’ll be able to book a return ticket for your products within 14 days of us finishing your shoot. Or, you can book a new shoot with your products that are in studio. If we do not hear from you within two weeks, we will discard your products in an environmentally friendly way. We are as careful as possible with your products but it may be the case that they are not in the same shiny brand new condition they arrived in - but rest assured we take care to look after them as best as we can.


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