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Introducing Fly High: Floating Product Photos

Sabah Shafi - 1 year ago

At Feedsauce we really believe in eye-catching photography; where on Instagram, Facebook and other social media, users just have to ‘stop scrolling.’ We always experiment with new techniques to be able to innovate new styles in which we can create this effect for our customers and naturally, ‘Fly High’ was born. There’s nothing much more eye-catching than your product floating in the air because, well, because it can.

Fly High enables your product to shine, in the air! Instinctively, the viewer will stop to look and think about how that effect was created. While they are doing that, your product remains in front of their eyes, giving you the chance to become deeply embedded in their minds. Visual content improves not only the online shopping experience but also a source of influence for consumers meaning that not only will great content help your brand awareness, but equally plays an important role in customer conversion.

Following trends and customer demands is really important for us here at Feedsauce. If we see customer choices and attention drawing towards a particular trend, then we stop and think how we can innovate to be able to capture those preferences to ensure the customer is getting exactly what they envision for their product and brand. This is how ‘Fly High’ was born. We saw an increasing demand for captivating ‘floating’ imagery, which we rolled into one recipe to deliver to brands; and already it has become one of our most popular recipes.

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Introducing Fly High: Floating Product Photos
Introducing Fly High: Floating Product Photos 20 October 2020
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