The art or practice of taking and processing photographs.


What is Photography?

What is Photography?

Photography is the art or practice of creating images by recording light on a photosensitive surface. It involves capturing moments, conveying emotions, telling stories, and preserving memories through the medium of visual images. Photography can be done using various equipment such as cameras, lenses, lighting, and editing tools. It encompasses a wide range of genres including portrait, landscape, product, fashion, and more, each requiring its own set of techniques and skills. Photography plays a vital role in various industries such as advertising, journalism, fashion, and art, allowing for creative expression and communication through visual imagery.

Feedsauce specialises in product photography for e-commerce brands. Learn more about our Beauty & Skincare Photography, Health & Wellness Photography, Food & Beverage Photography, Homeware Photography, Technology Photography, Accessories Photography and Perfume Photography. Browse our photography ideas for examples of creative product photography.

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